External HDD Enclosure M.2 SATA USB 3.1 Logilink UA0314


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Compliant with USB3.1 Gen2 specification, data transfer rate up to 10 Gbps
Compliant with PCI Express M.2 specification 1.0
Backward compatible with USB3.0/2.0/1.1 devices
Compatible with B+M Key M.2 NGFF (SATA) SSD 2230 / 2242 / 2260 / 2280 mm
Can be a primary bootable device containing the O/S (depends on the M.2 SSD and motherboard BIOS)
Supports Windows, MAC OS and Android (with OTG function)
Dimension: 106 x 41 x 12 mm

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UA0314 is a portable M.2 SATA (NGFF) SSD storage solution with 10Gbps data transfer rate. Once being installed into PC/laptop, the M.2 SSD appears as an ordinary SATA storage to any OS and can be configured as a bootable device.